5 Style Tips for Decorating Your Hamptons-style Home

If your idea of a dream home design is an abundance of chic, casual living in a light, bright space then congratulations – the Hamptons style may be just what you’re looking for.

The Hamptons themselves are based just North of New York and are the beachside playground of the rich and famous.

Hamptons style is defined by casual yet elegant beachside living, with plenty of natural light flooding in and an abundance of lighter colour tones.

Here at Schlager, we love this particular look for our Perth homes – so much so that many of our home designs are dedicated to the Hamptons look. Here are five top tips on how you can re-create this gorgeous look in your very own home.

1. Make it Neutral

Interior decorating Hamptons-style is all about creating a soft, neutral colour palette. Walls should be painted white or cream and furnishings finished in hues of sand, baby pink, soft blue and dove grey.

This is to allow the natural light in to bounce around and create the perception of a large, relaxing, inviting space. Pops of nautical blue or vibrant green can also be added to give your home a true seaside feel.

2. Use Natural Textures

Organic materials that are light in colour such as rattan, wicker linen and distressed timber look fantastic in a Hamptons-inspired home. Layer up these natural textures to create a sumptuous feel, such as a luxurious cashmere throw draped over a wicker chair or a glass bowlful of seashells.

These textures help to bring life to the minimalism of the neutral, largely white colour palette of the floors, walls and ceilings.

3. Don’t Forget Your Flooring

The flooring of your home is a large surface space in itself, so you’ll want to make sure you get it right.

Try using warm, white-washed tones such as treated timber floorboards (ensure you don’t stain them too dark though) and allow the natural beauty of the wood to warm up your rooms.

Large muted rugs in neutral colours and textures can also be layered luxuriously over the floorboards to give your space that true beachside feel.

4. Window Treatments

Your windows need to allow as much light as possible inside, so don’t bog them down with dark, heavy drapery. Instead, use light, dreamy curtains such as sheers or organza

For the full Hamptons effect, ensure that they’re floor-length to create an air of sumptuousness. Another window alternative is timber shutters painted in either white or neutral colours.

5. Let There Be Light

The key to the Hamptons look is natural light, and plenty of it. Glass door panels, skylights and uncluttered windows will all help invite the sunshine in and make your space appear larger and more inviting.

For light fittings, choose natural tones and textures, such as woven lampshades or pendant lighting in muted metals.

For more tips and home builder information about how you can create the Hamptons look, visit our Hamptons page or contact one of Schlager’s home design team today on 9443 9444.

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