Pole Homes

For over twenty years Schlager Homes has been known for building award-winning custom homes in Perth and WA. Amongst our breadth of expertise we are experienced pole home builders, creating pole home designs to meet sometimes challenging and interesting sites in innovative ways. 

Innovative design is always required when designing any new custom home. Some homes we design are organic and blend in with the surroundings and others stand out from the crowd, making a bold statement.

All pole homes are an excellent example of organic design as they must work with the land not against it. The balance of height, size, width, and floor heights all come into play. With sloping sites, the steeper the slope the higher the house which makes the house more expensive, one method is to do a split level to keep costs lower.

Engineering every home is critical and we provide one-on-one physical engineering advice to engineers to ensure we get the best value for money for our clients.

At every step, our design and builder team offer unbiased advice based on your home.