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At Schlager Residential, we aim to build your dream by keeping up to date with the latest design trends throughout WA. One of the most desired home designs throughout WA is the elegant and sophisticated Hamptons Style home. As the name suggests, the Hampton Homes design is inspired by homes from The Hamptons, New York and aims to provide an elegant yet coastal and cozy feel. With West Australian’s love for the coast, it’s no surprise The Hampton Home is a commonly sought after home design right here in our own backyard.

So what makes a Schlager Hamptons Home actually a Hampton Homes? The following features.

Weatherboards: The typical ‘Hamptons’, weatherboards were traditionally long planks of wood that were used to cover the exterior of Hampton homes, protecting them from the salty sea air and harsh winds that could end up resulting in home damage. Our Hampton homes weatherboards are made of a light coastal coloured fibre cement instead of high-maintenance timber. These boards not only provide the perfect Hamptons look but also provide all the necessary protection to the Schlager Hampton Homes.

Hampton roof tiles: Traditional roof tiles help give the Hamptons Homes their distinctive look. Traditional rustic roof tiles were often made of timber or slate with an overlapping feature, whilst nowadays the variety of roof tile choices means you can easily mimic the traditional look without compromising quality. Choosing dark coloured roof tiles to help compliment the soft nature of the weatherboards to give the perfect Hamptons Home feel.

Stone: With its beautiful texture and natural colour variations, stone finishing is a common Hamptons design feature. There’s a vast array of natural and engineered stone cladding to choose from, with both light-coloured and dark-hued stones working well for this look.

Traditional Finishing: Adding a touch of nostalgia to your Hamptons-style home can be achieved with a traditional white-painted timber finishing. This is a common choice for many Hamptons design for both features inside and outside the home.

Interior features: To finish the complete of the Hampton Homes feel for your new home, it is very common to put the finishing internal touches on the following interior design features:

  • Large picturesque windows with ocean view
  • Soft grey or white for relaxed draped curtains
  • Cane or wicker furniture and accessories for indoors or outside
  • Blue and white striped interior textiles
  • Big comfy sofas in relaxed linen fabrics with plenty of throw pillows
  • Large glass pendant lights with brass touches

If the Hampton Home design is what you are after to suit your lifestyle, get in touch with the team at Schlager Residential to find out how they can help you build your next dream home.

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