Small Block, Big Lifestyle: Getting The Most Out Of A Small Block With A Custom Home

The average block size in Australia has shrunk in recent years, and this has given rise to complications for aspiring home buyers. Building a home on a narrow house lot has many limitations. Beyond the space constraints, there are also council codes to adhere to. If you’re in the process of planning your next new home build, it can be overwhelming to keep these things in mind while trying to achieve your dream home. Your best bet? A custom home builder.

A custom home is a great way for you to achieve your home building dreams. The customs building process allows you to make choices and create a home that will reflect your personality and complement your lifestyle. Contrary to popular belief, custom home in Perth does not have to be costly. There’s plenty of flexibility that comes with customizing a home, and this is what you will need when building on a smaller block of land.

Why Choose A Custom Home For A Small Block?

Employing a trusted custom home builder in Perth will make the process of building your home in a finite space a lot easier. Not only can you get the most out of your small block with the knowledge and expertise of professionals, but you’ll also be able to develop a home design that’s perfectly suited to your taste and personality.

Not sure what value you will get from a custom home builder when building a home on a narrow lot?

Here are some ways our expert team can help you:

1. Maximizing your existing space

Your custom home builder should advise you on features and designs that will maximize the space in every room in your home. This can include open plan designs and tall ceilings.

2. Adding on more space

Where do you need this space? For your second car or a quiet place to work? Your custom home builder should be able to help create space where you need it most. A great way to create more space on a small block is simply to add another story.

3. Adhering to council guides

Does your home plan comply with your local council guide? A custom home builder will know the do’s and don’ts.

4. Budget Flexibility

The most common assumption about custom homes is that it is always more expensive than a pre-planned or semi-custom home design. In fact, customizing your home enables you to choose from a range of fittings, materials and special features at varying price points and work within your budget.

At Schlager Group, we’re committed to making your custom home building experience a pleasant and hassle-free one.

Get in touch with us and find out how you can get started on your home building journey today. If you’re building on a smaller block, we can help make sure that you get the absolute most out of it.

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