Using Lightweight Construction Materials in Your Home

With the need to build quality homes as quickly and efficiently as possible, Schlager Residential utilises a variety of building techniques to make this possible. One of the features that Schlager Residential prides itself on is the use of quality lightweight construction materials in the home.

Lightweight framed construction is becoming the most common construction system throughout Australia. Two of the most typically used lightweight construction materials, steel & timber, are main contributors to the comfort, appeal and environmental performance of your home.

The benefits of building your home using lightweight construction may not be obvious to every home builder however, there are a number of benefits that you can gain from using these materials. These benefits include:

Faster home construction

A big push for the use of strong lightweight materials to be used in residential home builds is due to it allowing homes to be built much faster and more efficiently than traditional brick veneer homes. This is because using lightweight construction materials has helped simplify the build process. This also goes hand in hand with offsite construction. By reducing the off site construction times previously incurred by building materials, Schlager Residential can reduce any bottlenecks in the building process.

Increased design flexibility

Lightweight housing is particularly suited to creating cost effective, flexible design solutions. This aims to solve the challenges that can sometimes be experienced on difficult sites such as steep land, sloping land or limited access sites. These are building techniques that Schlager Residential Homes prides itself on.

Fire Resistance

Certain lightweight construction materials are able to maintain their structural integrity better when exposed to heat. The use of fire rated construction materials for your home can be very important, particularly, for many Western Australian rural homes that may be exposed to the threat of bushfires or very high temperatures.

Adaptable to environmental conditions

One of the main benefits that lightweight construction can provide your home is effective housing solutions in all climate zones. Lightweight materials typically have low thermal mass and are able to either store passive heat or keep homes cooler easier. This is of particular importance in Western Australia as it’s not uncommon to experience harsh conditions of extreme hot weather and heavy rains.

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